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7th April 2013

Eleven months on from my print version of "Liverpool Lyrics - The Book - The Dots!" and as you will surely remark from image to the right there is now it's electronic sibling in Kindle format, the following is the description of the book to be found on Amazon:

Liverpool has always been a singing city and a great number of folk-style songs have been written about it, probably more than any other city. These songs are very popular, but, even so, there are times when people just can't remember them in full. To help such people, I made a CD of myself singing these songs - my 'Liverpool Lyrics' CD - to remind people of the words and to help them sing along.

As things turned out, even this was not enough; I started hearing of people searching for printed music books about the folk-songs of Liverpool. They are familiar with the songs, they want to perform them, but they may not know the tune properly and need some help with melody and chords.

To help such people is one of the aims of this book. One small book cannot contain all the songs that there are about Liverpool, so here are most of the best-known songs from the folk-boom of the 1960s. All the ones people have heard of, and quite a few more. As well as the words, there is a melody line and the chord symbols, and some background information to the songs, their writers, their history, and even some photographs and images to help towards a complete knowledge of each song. There are specific sections about the major performers and writers involved, including : Pete McGovern, The Liverpool Spinners, Jacqui and Bridie, Stan Kelly-Bootle, Brian Jacques - The Dison brothers, Glyn Hughes, and more. Serious thought is also given to those ghosts of the past whose works are now sadly tagged 'Traditional', due to the writer and their work becoming separated in the mists of time.

There are even a few pages about 'My Liverpool Home', my interest in this city, and my musical experience, hopefully showing that this book is by someone who knows what he is talking about. My co-author, John Haines, an accomplished folk-musician in his own right, has converted the raw materials into a book, while our friend John Blakeborough has converted it all into an ebook file.

8th January 2013

My web-space, email address and web-site used to be with Tiscali, but since this was all taken over by Talktalk, I can no longer access my Tiscali, to edit it or even to close it down and delete it. The trouble is that Google knows my Tiscali pages very well, and presents them instantly, while my "new" web-space items via Talktalk or still only slowly becoming better known. So if you are here after a time-wasting detour via my old web-pages, then I do apologise, and hope that this smart professional "new" site and its content will make up for that. Happy New Year!

19th May 2012

My new, vastly improved web-site is now live, online; please give it a visit. It loads and links very smartly, it is in the narrow format which aids printing of any section. Is has been totally remodelled by the estimable John Blakeborough of Crosby and France. Please help me thank him by visiting his site too.

18th May 2012

The Book is complete! The reason why I have not been adding news items for eight months is because I have been working non-stop on a Book!. It is called "Liverpool Lyrics - The Book - The Dots!" and it is at last ready for sale, mainly by the "print on demand" process. As it says on the tin, the book provides the lyrics of all the best-known folk-songs of Liverpool from the 1960s, along with a melody line/chord symbols, and also some (hopefully fascinating) background information, and some lovely pictures of related items.

2nd May 2012

Make a note for Mayday Bank Holiday, Monday 2nd May. In the Sefton Park Palm House there will be Scottish Dancing in the afternoon (1.30 - 4.00) for anyone to enjoy, by watching some dances, and joining in some others. It is Free, and refreshments are on sale. A great way to spend a Bank Holiday, in a beautiful venue.

17th June 2011

Tickle the ivories! I have signed up for three one-hour spots in this Liverpool One "open-piano" event which is on during July and August. D try to say hello on Wednesday 6th July 11.00 - 12.00 in Peter's Lane, by the Bluecoat. Then on Wednesday 3rd August opposite Thorntons, and finally on Friday 26th August on the Chavasse Park Leisure Terrace. Do ask for Requests - I will play them if I know them. My CDs will be on Sale, "Liverpool Lyrics" and for "Liverpool Country Dance Band." Should be good fun.

23rd May 2011

Another PDF booklet is under way: Chansons Françaises - The Dots. The melody lines (and maybe the chords) for many of the classic French songs, that you may come across (or be expected to know when you are learning French).

27th April 2011

A date for your Diary: Tuesday 19th July 2011. This is the Centenary of the official Opening of the Royal Liver Building in 1911, and hence the 100th Birthday of the Liver Birds. On this day, the Royal Liver will be having their own big events, the City will honour Carl Bernard Bartels as Citizen of Honour in the Town Hall, and the new Museum of Liverpool will open its doors to the general public and have its official Grand Opening. What a day for Liverpool!

9th April 2011

Carl Bernard Bartels; shout his name, loud and often. He designed our Liver Building Birds, back in 1908, and this coming July they will be 100 years old. Carl himself will be proclaimed a Citizen of Honour on that day, to make up for the way Liverpool treated him during and after the Great War! View my booklet about him, and ...Watch this space!