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The Fazakerley Country Dance Club meets on Mondays between 10.15 and 12.15 in the Fazakerley Community Federation building. Fees are £3.00 + tea-money. Contact Gerry Jones (Tutor/Leader) here. There are no forms to be filled in, no actual "joining", just turn up, any Monday. We will ask you for contact details, to keep in touch about cancellations, changes of date etc...


This is a great opportunity to KEEP FIT by enjoying the learning of some of the basic movements and actions involved in the Country Dancing styles of England, Ireland, Scotland and America. You learn this by getting up and doing some dances, with groups of fellow dancers. You don't need to know anything at first. All the dances and movements will be explained, and "walked-through" before any dancing is done. This dancing is suitable for total beginners, yet it can develop to really challenge those who have done it before. Maybe you have had a "taste" of it at a PTA Barn Dance? Dancers usually start by howling with laughter at the mistakes that we all make together at first, and then progress to feelings of delight when it all fits together. Either way, it makes for a most enjoyable session.

YouTube video of "Kings Gate" country dance by the ladies of Fazakerley Country Dance Club

Video of "Kings Gate" country dance by the ladies of Fazakerley Country Dance Club

This is a KEEP FIT activity, which can help to keep your body working well through the exercise involved in the dancing, and your brain exercised by remembering the moves, and who goes where and when. The idea is mental and physical maintenance. As a result there is "no exam", "no standard" to reach, "no progression" to aim for. There are extra benefits; after just one term, you will be able to go to English Barn Dances, American-style Square Dances, an Irish Ceili or a Scottish Ceilidh, confident that you will be able to take full part in the basic dances, and that you will have enough general knowledge to be easily helped through harder dances. Already, raw beginners will probably be looking up to you as an expert.

all that is Dance steps... links... etc... cover As well as running the Fazakerley Country Dance Club, I am an active member in dance clubs which promote other forms of country and ceilidh dance.

For more information and links see my PDF booklet opposite.

For Irish step-dancing ("Riverdance") there are a number of Schools or Academies for Irish Dance Tuition, but for the general public there is the monthly ceilidh at St. Michael's Irish Centre, just off West Derby Rd, between the Locarn and the Jolly Miller. This is on the last Wednesday of every month, from 8.30 - 11.00 pm. Live music, a very patient "caller" and a light supper - all for only £2.00.

For Scottish country dancing (not ceilidh) you can learn to do it properly with the Liverpool Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (R.S.C.D.S.), meeting on Wedesday evenings at Oakdale Church (Edge Lane Drive/Broad Green Road).

For English country dancing, there are clubs all over Merseyside, mainly under the umbrella of "MADfolk" (Mersey And Deeside)

Come as you are!

You don't need any experience, equipment or materials - maybe a pair of comfortable shoes, and a few bob for a cuppa! Your tutor, Gerry Jones, has wide experience of English, Irish and Scottish country dance, both as a dancer and as a musician. He is regularly a "caller" with the Liverpool Country Dance Band at venues all over Merseyside, and can cope with all-comers, be they school-children, parents, students, pensioners, PTA members, or indeed anyone who will get up from their chair and give it a try.

History of the Club

The Group was formed initially to provide some dancing for those who were students in the Country Dancing class, Liverpool Adult Learning, in the Fazakerley High School Adult Centre. Fazakerley Community Federation accept that Country Dancing is a valid activity for them to allow in their premises, offering, as it does, the opportunity for gentle physical exercise, considerable mental stimulation, and many social benefits, for local people, especially those who are elderly.

Fazakerley Community Federation

The building is just off Longmoor Lane, between Fazakerley Hospital and the Copple House Pub. A walkway between the shops, which
Photo with arrow showing the Fazakerley Community Federation building
leads to Formosa Drive, where the Library is on the left and the Federation on the right. By car, come from the "Copple House" pub, and turn left into Elmham Crescent, then turn right twice, into Formosa Drive, aiming for the back of the shops. Click here for directions