Photo of the Liverpool Country Dance Band in action

Listen to the band playing The Bridge of Athlone, duration: 0:48

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We provide music, amplification and tuition for a barn dance or ceilidh, and we specialise in "beginners" dances, for non-specialist groups. We do "call", "teach", and "walk-through" each dance you will be doing.

Beware! Many "ceilidh" groups do not "call" or teach any actual dances. They just sing and play. Also, a number of bands do hot have their own Caller, and you may need to hire a Caller as well.

We usually play 8.00 to midnight (or 7.30 to 11.30, or similar) with a 45-minute break.

We have contacts with Scottish Pipers, Irish Step Dancers, and various other musicians. We offer versatility, rather than pursuing the specialised requirements of the RSCDS and EFDSS.

All we need from you is a power-point, a good big wooden dance floor, and people who will get up and try the dancing.

YouTube video of people dancing to The Liverpool Country Dance Bands' "Siege of Ennis" at Billinge

Watch a video of people dancing to our band.


Unlike most country-dance or ceilidh bands, we provide a mixture of dance styles, usually including ceilidh dances from Scotland and Ireland and Wales, as well as English dances. This also means that we can give your evening a "theme", with one of the British "nationalities" predominant.

As we are a Barn Dance/Ceilidh band, we do NOT offer "Line" dancing, Pop music, Country & Western, Rock music, or other un-related music.

Most of our bookings are "beginner' dances" but we can take if further; if you have a good number of experienced dancers, we can call many advanced dances too.

Click here for The Liverpool Country Dance Band Booking & Conditions of Hire booklet.

The Liverpool Country Dance Band can help to make your Wedding Evening Party a great one, click here to learn more. For those of you would like more information about Ceilidhs and Barn Dances in general, we recommend the excellent set of FAQs at Webfeet : Dancing on the Web site.

You can also view or download my booklet All that is Dance: steps, links, etc... which now has links to Irish and Line-dancing sites here.