Why shouldn't we just get a Disco?

One of the main results you want from your Evening Party, apart from "having a great time," is for the Two Families to meet and mingle, get to know each other, and start becoming one enlarged family. But, with a disco, even when the floor is crowded, it is really just two people dancing together, responding to each other. You rarely meet others. Also, whenever they can, dancers tend to stick rigidly to their own age group. His Aunts will not be dancing with Her nephews. It is all too easy for His Family to sit Here and Her Side to sit There, and "never the twain shall meet".

Shouldn't we get a Disco as well, and that will please everybody?

Not really; the "18 to 30" members of your group may well consider a "barn-dance" to be "non-cool" (or whatever) and may take the attitude; Let's stay by the bar till the "real" music comes on later. This can be disastrous. Many of your older members may well consider a Disco to be "too loud", even before it starts playing. If our music is "all there is" then most people are likely to "make the best of it" and give it a try. Save your money; just book us!

Photo of the Liverpool Country Dance Band in action

A short clip of the Liverpool Country Dance Band playing The Love Knot, an easy dance that can cause hilarious chaos, duration: 1:08

Flash player for the Bridge of Athlone.mp3

What's so good about a "Country Dance" or "Ceilidh"?

Country Dancing ALWAYS involves people dancing with people they don't know, and by dancing they begin getting to know them. By the time you have spent a couple of hours in Lines Forward and Back with them, or Circling Left and Right with them, or colliding with them as you Swing Your Partner, you will be laughing with each other, making rueful comments to each other as you go the bar later, nodding with a smile as you pass in the corridor. The ice is broken, you have met, and you are starting to become friends and "family." Many of our dances involve some "progression" and "changing partners," so you are bound to dance with quite a few guests that you do not know. It all helps to get people involved with each other. Also, this dancing is for everybody, where young, old & middle-aged can all join in together.

But we haven't been to a "Ceilidh" before, we don't know what to do!

We have a "Caller" who explains every dance, helps you "walk it through" first, shows you how, and reminds you all the way through. We always assume that everyone is a raw beginner. All you have to do is get up when we call you, do what we say, and you will do fine. Honestly! You will either fall about laughing at the mistakes we all make - or you will get it right!

Click on the image opposite to view or download our Booklet "All that is Dance, steps.. links... etc..." which explains some of the steps.

But artistes only do two "spots", what about the rest of the evening?

This is not the case with the Liverpool Country Dance Band. We are a "whole-evening" band, normally on pay from eight to midnight, with a break, normally when you have your buffet, typically from 9.30, but we take a break when you eat.

What's the catch?

You MUST get up and TRY the dancing. Otherwise the whole thing falls to pieces, nobody meets to become friends, and we get fed up. If most of your party just want to sit there and drink, and watch and be entertained, then a "cabaret group" might suit you better. We play for dancers. Elderly relatives may find it too much, while others may have to avoid dancing for medical reasons, but we must insist, as far as we can, that most of the others join in most of the dancing most of the time. We can cope with dancers who not know right from left, and those with two left feet - even with guests who do not speak English - but there is absolutely nothing we can do if people just will not get off their seats. We will explain and teach every dance, all night.