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From the days of sailing ships, through folk-song, pop music and football chants, Liverpool has always been a singing city. Even so, there are times when people know the tune well enough - they just can't remember all the words. It was partly for these people that I decided to make my own dedicated "Liverpool Lyrics" web-page, to store the lyrics of as many "Liverpool" folk-style songs I could remember, from the folk clubs of the 1960s.

One response was from an ex-pat scouser in Spain, who found the words on my website and just wished he could learn to sing the songs. To help him, I sang the songs into my computer and make a CD for him. Of course, once it was all safely on the hard disk, it was easy to run off some copies now and then, for other friends. This led to the "Liverpool Lyrics" CD.

As things turned out, even this was not enough; I started hearing of people searching the bookshops for actual books about the folk-songs of Liverpool, and to help such people is one of the aims of this book.

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One small book cannot contain all the songs that there are about Liverpool, so I have restricted myself to the most widely-known items from the folk-boom of the 1960s. Similarly, this is not meant to be a book about the writers and singers of folk-style songs, although you cannot get far without mentioning the major figures of the time. So please accept this book just for what it claims to be. If you find some "errors", then please do advise me, but please remember that folk-songs by their nature are always changing, with variants and versions turning up unexpectedly. Only rarely can a "definitive version" be found. This is usually when the song in question is written in a folk-song style by an author whose identity is known.

My grateful thanks to the authors and copyright holders as credited, for their kind permission for me to use their intellectual property, their images and their music.