How about a Liver Bird in chocolate on your cappuccino?

If you have a coffeeshop, you could offer it to your customers!

All you need is a stencil to hold over the drink while you shake the chocolate powder into it, lift off the mask, and you have a "Cappuccino di Liver Bird!"

History of the Lyverchino

I was trying to interest the Liverpool Maritime Museum in stocking Liverpool Tarts, and the manager instead expressed a wish to be able to put a Liver Bird on her cappuccino coffees. I thought little of this nice idea until I had the same response from the manger of the "Hole in the Wall" cafe/restaurant in School Lane.

Lyverchino logo with a cappuccino showing the Liver Bird in chocolate on top
I already knew Alan Roberts Engravers Ltd of Knight Street, who had made a number of Liver Bird shapes for Dafna's Cheesecake Factory in Greenbank/Smithdown, and so I went to Alan with a rough sketch of a disk with a protrusion for a handle, and a hole in the middle in the shape of a Liver Bird, a stencil, in other words.

I have trialled the "Lyverchino" in a few Liverpool Centre coffee shops, where the duty staff have willingly made me a Lyverchino, using my own stencil, and been delighted at the result.

Lyverchino stencils

Photo of the two stencils on sale from Alan Roberts Engravers Ltd
At present there is only one engraving company making these stencils: Alan Roberts Engravers Ltd

  Stencil Mark 1 in food-grade plastic (special order)£10.00
  Stencil Mark 2 in stainless steel (in stock)£12.00

Stainless steel is essential for the serious cleaning processes of coffee-shops and restaurants. I usually hold a small stock of these, and I can deliver C.O.D. (see my booklet for more details.)