"The New Kid in Town
now has a sibling!"

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My Big Ideas are all based on Liverpool. This city has a unique identity and my home; I am proud of its history, its culture, its music and that special spirit of its people. As a student commuting from the Wirral on the "Ferry 'cross the Mersey" and seeing the Liverpool waterfront with the Liver Buildings and its Liver Birds, and its two magnificent cathedrals in the background ("we've got one to spare"), who wouldn't feel proud to be part of such a dramatic heritage?

Liverpool Lyrics - The Book - The Dots!

This is my latest Big Idea and after more than eight months preparation, it is finally available in Print On Demand and in Kindle eBook versions. "The New Kid in Town" is my first ever book, and looks really good, and I do tend to wax lyrical about it.

Liverpool Lyrics - The CD

came long before the book. I sang about twenty Liverpool folk-songs onto my computer to make a CD to make these historic songs available to all.

My other Big Ideas relate to "The Liver Birds", the true icons of Liverpool, known and recognised the world over. We can begin with their history and that of the Liver Buildings by following this link:

The Liver Birds

my "Third Liver Bird" project for a full-size Liver Bird at ground level is available in PDF format, and leads to a history of Carl Bernard Bartels, their ill-treated creator, also in PDF format..

The Liverpool Tart

is the next Big Idea with a "Liver Birds" theme. This mouth-watering link is part of my campaign to revive and promote a confection I discovered, and which in time I hope will rival the Eccles Cake or the Bakewell Tart, carrying the "Liverpool" name.

The Lyverchino

is another Big Idea for your delectation. Not a simply cappuccino, such as can be found anywhere, but a truly Liverpool version, with a Liver Bird shape formed in chocolate powder on the frothy milk.