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The Liverpool Tart

A confection with a "Liverpool" name, to rival the "Manchester Tart" and "Bakewell Tart" in the cake-shops, bakeries, supermarkets, tea-rooms and family kitchens of Merseyside. The TASTE is "dark Muscovado sugar ... ... and Lemon!".

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Liverpool Tart recipe from 1897 (updated)


8 oz flour   4oz marge/butter   1 tsp icing sugar   
Pinch of salt   4 tbsp cold water
Grease & line two x four yorkshire pudding baking trays


8 oz Dark Muscovado sugar   2oz butter or marge
1 egg   1 lemon (unwaxed)


Melt butter and sugar, then let it cool but not set. Cut
lemon in small pieces and remove the pips. Then shred
all the lemon in a blender until fairly fine. Beat all items together until fairly smooth and spoon the mixture into the pastry/trays. Bake at Gas Mark 5 for 17-20 minutes


Twist strips of pastry across the top in both directions

Use a shape of cut pastry, e.g. heart, star, Liver Bird cutter (Kit Box - Cake Decorating Equipment).
Coat with biscuit crumb over a template shape then remove the shape.

A man with a mission

As you might of read on my "About me" page, Wikipedia states that one of my projects includes:

"Promoting the "Liverpool Tart" confection which he discovered on a village website, and with that end in mind here is my mission statement:-

My aim is to publicise the "Liverpool Tart" recipe until it becomes a standard item of confectionery alongside the Bakewell Tart and the Eccles Cake in bakeries, cake-shops and homes, locally then nationally, starting in Liverpool in 2008. This recipe has been on the Evershot Village page for a while, and on this page of mine since February 2007. This means that the Liverpool Tart Recipe is firmly in the "public domain", and is "open source", belonging to nobody. It is now impossible to copyright the basic recipe, everyone is free to develop their own version.

Dafna Tart with Liver Bird stencil
Designed by Dafna's Biscuit crumb powder round a Liver Bird shape from Alan Roberts
Satterthwaites Tart with a heart shape in pastry
Designed by Satterthwaites. Small tart, using a Heart motif cutter, for "Liverpool: The city with a heart"
Dafnas' Lambanana Tart
Here is a mock-up of Miss Chocolaty O'Claire's version, using a Lambanana template

Barbara of Neston's Tart with a star shape in pastry
Designed by Barbara of Neston at Farmers Markets in Lark Lane and the Wirral
Liver Bird stencils by Alan Roberts Engravers Ltd
Templates by Alan Roberts in 2 sizes, complete with handle, the other face being bright & shiny
The original Liverpool Tart with cross bars in pastry
The original recipe says "cross bar over" and most people think this is what is meant